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After joining TAMID, each member participates in a one semester educational curriculum on the track of their choice to gain the knowledge and skill to be successful in their chosen track through practical, experiential learning.

Israel has the most startups per capita in the world, second only to Silicon Valley. Understanding what makes a business successful within such a large startup ecosystem brings a unique perspective to topics within both investing and consulting. 

In addition, this year we are piloting a post-education professional development program. Members will have the opportunity to participate in sessions to further build technical skills, prepare for recruitment, and ask questions to more experienced members. 

Education Tracks


Consulting Education

Consulting Education is taught by Senior Student Matt Walsh (Consulting Workshop) and Kelley Honors student Vedanth Ganesh. In Consulting Education, members will prepare and present deliverables, explore consulting frameworks, and learn best practices on how to manage clients.


Investing Education

Fund Education is led by Kelley honors student Kriti Vardineni student Varun Mallampati (both members of the Investment Banking Workshop). After completing Fund Education, members will understand fundamental investing concepts, have learned about valuation methodologies, delivered stock pitches, and executed basic equity research. To align with TAMID’s focus on experiential learning, they utilize case studies and discussions to challenge Fund Education members.

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