Our Fund prepares students for a career in investment management and equity research. Members in our Fund are in numerous workshops at Kelley including Investment Management, Investment Banking, and Real Estate.


We have a team of 17 passionate investors in our Fund. If you join, you will first select an industry for which to specialize. Over the course of the year, you will write a report analyzing your industry, build complex models to value a company within that sector, and deliver stock pitches. Members in our fund learn how to fundamentally analyze securities.


Every year, our Fund submits stock pitches to TAMID nationals. We compete with TAMIDs 56 other chapters to be selected for funding. We have been very successful. Of the $50,000 that TAMID’s national fund has invested, $3,000 has gone to stocks we have pitched.

Where our fund members have interned:

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Sam Lichtman

Sophomore in the Kelley School of Business