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Innovative solution for modern businesses

TAMID Tech Consulting

Spring applications open from: Jan13 - Jan 21 2023

Past Projects

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August 2022-December 2022

Optimized their online presence with a more dynamic and interactive website using a variety of tools such as Wix, HTML5, Excel, and Tableau

Our Future Work

This semester Tech plans to do a variety of projects centered around data analytics or back-end/front-end engineering depending upon groups skills and desires. We welcome people from all academic backgrounds to join!

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Learn the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in a business & technology career. No coding experience or major required to join. Just an eagerness to learn!

What to Expect 



Learn languages to help you suceec in business technology careers such as Python Pandas, SQL, R, Tableau/Power BI, and more!

Case Competitions

Put your skills to the test at the end of the year with a track case competition where members can compete for potential cash prizes.

Certificate of Completion

As a part of finishing some of our courses, you will be able to add these to your LinkedIn to help with recruitment.

Connect with Us!

If you have any questions about Tech recruitment and the application please email Shreya Goel. Good luck!

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