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Indiana TAMID brings together




exceptional business-minded students from around the world with 

diverse experiences, interests, and perspectives 


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Indiana TAMID Members
Spring 2022

Ryder Stults

Jacob Phillips

Saachin Parekh

Sneha Muthe

Itai Afriat

Elai Spector

Max Hurwitz

Nikhit Basineni

Alex Goldberg

Shayna Yurovitsky

Varun Mallampati

elise nachlis

Sean Rogos

Ansh Chawla

Matthew Walsh

Abhishek Agrahara

Sam Starr

Justin Johnson

Shiva Kandala

Ellie Perl

Rachel Melman

Berkeley Goldschmidt

Keshav Laddha

Izaak Gates

Nolan Patel

Aayush Gupta

Aryan Bandyopadhyay

Anikaith Pilli

Jordan Brodsky

Shawn Konichowsky

Madison Kohm

Sydney Victor

Srivi Vinjamuri

Rick Davis

Niki Movva

Jason Saharia

Daniel Borhi

Kavin Kasi

Anirudh Mandowara

Komala Jwalapuram

Kashish Bhargava

Mehar Guleria

Griffin Wright

Tejas Balasubramanian

Roma Bajaria

Sahil Sharma

Atharva Acharya

Shreya Ganesh

Andrea Paternina

Shivam Dongre

Member Spotlight

Nisha Kochar

"TAMID has helped me to grow both professionally and personally. By bridging my business-minded ideas with that of the the Israeli economy, TAMID has given me the confidence to move forward with my ideas."

Simon Gordon

"Joining TAMID has given me the real life experience I need to follow my my dream career on Wall Street. Saying yes to new experiences with TAMID, like the Midwest conference with other university chapters, has allowed me to connect with other college students, who are just as passionate about business and Israel as I am."

alex headshot.jpg

Alex Gao

"TAMID provided me with the opportunity to work in Israel's startup area and gain invaluable international business experience. My favorite memory of the Fellowship was getting to meet  and make friends with TAMID students from across the nation and getting to do activities across Israel, such as the Aqua Kef in Tiberias.