Our Consulting Practice advises real Israeli companies and startups on a range of strategic topics. Consultants prepare deliverables requested from our clients, including PowerPoints, white papers, advertising videos, and more. Consultants work in lean teams of 3-5 members, allowing all consultants to communicate closely with our clients and meaningfully contribute to projects. All projects last an entire semester.


In 2017, a team from our chapter coauthored a report on best practices for campus ambassador programs to recommend how a start-up should advertise its smartphone application. This report was later adopted as the company’s guiding marketing strategy and recognized as the best consulting deliverable of 2017 for TAMID’s 53 college chapters.

Members in our Consulting Practice are in numerous workshops at Kelley including the Consulting Workshop, Technology Consulting Workshop, and Investment Banking Workshop.

Past Projects


pickspace is a global coworking space directory allowing entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and companies of all types and sizes to find the best working environment. Their directory navigates the coworking scene in over 35 countries across the globe.

Notable companies our Consulting members have experience from:

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Uday Vutla

Junior in the Kelley School of Business

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