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Upcoming Events

Hi Tech Panel

Kelley Distinguished Alumni Event

& Networking Session

Start Tank

TAMID places a strong emphasis on technology. Our Consulting Practice has a rich history of advising Israeli technology startups. Our Fellowship sends many people to intern at technology companies in Israel.


TAMID, Kelley Student Government, and Hutton Honors College team up to orchestrate a Hi-Tech Panel. The panel brings IU alumni from prestigious technology companies back to campus to discuss their professional experiences. Last year, IU alumni from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and High Alpha fielded questions from 100+ Kelley and honors students. We offer select TAMID members exclusive networking opportunities with these companies including a dinner before the panel with the alumni.

TAMID's Own Pitch Competition


This year TAMID and CEO are partnering up to offer Start Tank. Modeled after Shark Tank, this event will showcase startups pitching their ideas in front of a panel of experienced professionals. The winning idea will receive a monetary reward.


Start Tank provides a forum for some of IU’s finest startups to formally present their businesses and receive valuable feedback from seasoned executives. All IU members are welcome to watch this fast-paced, competition.


Stay tuned for more details!

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Escape Room

TAMID's Escape Room Social Event

escape room.jpg

Last year, TAMID organized an escape room chapter event! Members bonded over searching for clues, overcoming challenges, and brainstorming ideas. Teams were able to successfully escape from a prison and perform a casino heist!

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